Initial problems of Pakistan

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Initial Problems of Pakistan Pakistan came into existence on 14th august 1947. Soon after its establishment Pakistan faced number of problems. Most of the problems of Pakistan were related with Pakistan dispute with India, such as the accession of the princely states, canal Water dispute, refugees' problems and distribution of armed and military assets. Infect most of these problems were deliberately created by India itself so that Pakistan would not maintain its independent status and soon merged with India. (Nehru told General Sir Frank Messervy in 1945, “his deliberate plan would be to allow Jinnah to have hisPakistan, end gradually makes things so impossible economically and otherwise for Pakistan that they have to come on their…show more content…
India attacked Hyderabad on 13th September 1948 and forcibly annexed this state to india. Junagadh The Muslim Nawab governing Junagadh, favored in acceding to Pakistan but Indian army occupied the state by force in November 1947. Refugees and accommodation problems Communal violence that had already started reached to its height after the announcement of Redcliff Award on 16tn August 1947. Hindus were angry over the division of the Subcontinent whereas Sikhs were unhappy over the loss of their religious places. Due to the communal violence millions of Indian Muslims leaving there property started migrating towards Pakistan. Apart from communal violence another reason for the migration of Muslims was their desire to live in a newly established Islamic state. The arrival of refugees created problem for both the countries but the issue was more serious in the nascent state of Pakistan that was already facing no of problems. It was estimated that only West Pakistani received 5.5 million refugees and one sixth of the entire population of West Pakistan consisted of refugees. It caused economic and administrative problems, as Pakistan did not have sufficient resources to provide food, shelter and medical aid to the growing no of refugees. Even more serious fact was that offices and factories could not work properly because nearly all the Hindu and Sikh staff left Pakistan and majority of the refugees
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