Initially, One May Notice The Recruitment Process Often

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Initially, one may notice the recruitment process often begins while that student is a freshman in high school. Though this child may be enjoying the experience, he or she may not be ready to make a huge commitment when it comes to choosing his or her career path. At such a young age, most young adults feel that if he or she receives the opportunity to be recruited, it must be taken at that moment. In the movie, William received several offers to a number of colleges. One college, in particular, told him that if he did not accept the offer in a reasonable amount of time, they would be forced to give the opportunity to someone else. The reason this may cause damage to that student is because they are not truly given the opportunity to make…show more content…
Though there are some athletes that manage to get through both seasons and maintain their grades, there are students who lack this even more. Some students may have the mentality that the sport comes first and education comes second. This can be a huge issue when it comes to college recruitment because students are required to earn certain grades and if they do not reach the requirements, the scout is not authorized to keep their agreement.
Athletes and Academics
In today 's society, education is the key to success. Without the proper foundation of education, the chances of earning financial stability and maintaining the basic skills of survival decreases. This is why children are encouraged to attend school. When it comes to athletics, when that’s student does not have the grades they are often, banned from playing in a particular game. In the movie Hoop Dreams, both Arthur and William faced challenges when it came to maintaining their grades alongside being a student athlete. In fact, Arthur had to graduate in the summer due to his grades and credits not lacking the requirements for him to graduate on time. Therefore, a student must learn to balance both the sport they are participating in as well as their academic success. Sports can often result in a decrease of grades for several student athletes, and affect their academic success for future endeavors
First, the
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