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Chantal Chau Analysis of a Key Passage, Initiation by Sylvia Plath In Initiation by Sylvia Plath, the author suggests that conformity and having friends is a wonderful idea, yet the idea of having an individual identity and being an individual is stronger. In the excerpt, Millicent is slowly realizing that conforming and being a part of a sorority is not as exciting as it sounds, and being an individual offers more opportunities to become a unique person. Millicent is an average girl who no one really notices, when one day, a sorority group decides to allow her to join, but she must past their initiation test first. At first, Millicent is ecstatic, and proud that she can finally be a part of society, but slowing, and in the beginning…show more content…
In Millicent’s mind, freedom and originality is described as “swooping carefree heather birds, they would go singing and cooing out across the great spaces of air, dipping and darting, strong and proud in their freedom and their sometime loneliness”. Heather birds are a mythological animal, meaning freedom has no defined description that originality does not exist in a solid form. They are described to be “swooping, carefree”, meaning there is no worry of being judged, and “dipping and darting, strong in their freedom” describes the happiness of a worry free life, where style and opinions are not judged or withheld, unlike the “chirping”, trapped, restrained sparrows which symbolize the sorority. Heather birds were “singing and cooing out across the great spaces of air”, showing that they could express their ideas and opinions without worry, though loneliness was a consequence. In the excerpt, it was stated that the heather birds were “strong and proud in their freedom and their sometime loneliness”, meaning that there will always be unique people in the world Millicent can relate to, though at times the individuality will stand out, and she will be alone. Through this mental debate, Millicent learns discovers that she could enter her imaginary great hall through “her coronation as a princess labelling her conclusively as one of the select flock”, or use “other ways of getting into the great hall, blazing with lights, of people and
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