Injuries From An Accident Happen All The Time And Can Happen

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Injuries from an accident happen all the time and can happen to anyone. Questions arise from workplace accidents involving injuries. Number one issue in this incident is to determine could this accident/injury been prevented. A thorough analysis needs to be completed. John Craftsman, a company employee, has been severely injured on his hand when pushing a large piece of wood through a table saw in the production shop. Therefore, John claims that he followed the procedures when working, and the company is legible for his injuries. According to him, the machine had no guarantee of keeping the employee safe when working. As for the company’s shop manager, David Waffler, he claims that the machine was in a safe condition since he was not…show more content…
Harry further claims that he saw John with his co-workers laughing and goofing which could have led to the accident. Therefore, the blame game between the employee, foreman and the manager tends to be the resultant factor of this problem. Analysis of the Information For that reason, it would be appropriate if I could develop some vital questions that would support me in trying to analyze and address such an issue. First, should John claim that the company is liable for his injuries? If so what appropriate measures should he had taken? Also, if the company is responsible what should they do to John? On the other side what should be done to John if it is known that the business is not liable for the injuries? As the foreman stated that the machine was in a perfect condition who should be blamed if the machine was incapacitated. At the time of trying to analyze and scan the environment where one can source out relevant information regarding the conflict. I will be looking at the different evidence produced by the employee’s party and the company. For instance, on the employee side John claims that the business is liable for his injuries because the machine being used was not in a proper condition for their safety. He receives backup from one of his colleagues that they had informed Harry the shop foreman concerning the state of the
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