Injuries in NFL Players Essay

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Injuries in Sports Al Toon, father of Saints receiver Nick Toon, was forced to leave professional football after sustaining nine concussions in eight years of professional football. Football is one of the most dangerous games. As the years go on, more and more rules are being written to prevent the danger, but danger is the nature of the game. Most of these rules are for the protection of the players, but there are times when injuries can be a good thing. The Philadelphia Eagles were 3-5 to start the year, but Michael Vick was injured and the backup quarterback led the team to be 10-6, win the division, and almost beat the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs. "About 1.7 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year,…show more content…
Dallas is by no means the best in the league, but they are the most talked about. It doesn't matter how good any other team is, Dallas is always talked about. They are, after all, America's team. Tony Romo was injured toward the end of the season, he was the talk of the town. Dallas had no chance of going to the playoffs, but people still talked about whether or not Romo would start the last two games of the season. Even though the odds of that are very slim, critics love to talk about the Cowboys. In this case, the injury brought publicity to their team. Injuries can often have a positive outcome for a team. When a key player on the field is injured, the team's morale is instantaneously cut in half, but after he walks off the field, the team decides to play for him, so that his injury might not be in vain. The team really unites, and being an athlete, there is no better feeling than unification in the name of a fallen comrade. I was playing soccer for Abita Springs Recreational facility when something similar happened to me. In soccer, a player getting a red card is exactly the same as a player being injured because there is a suspension for the next few games. I had received a red card for some bogus call, and my entire team ran to the ref to argue my case for me. I had never seen that team so united in my life. At halftime, the entire team ran to me and apologized as if it were their fault. To this day, I still love that team with all my heart.
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