Injury In Texas

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If I was able to reach a wide audience, the social issue I would campaign for is stricter and more con-sistent jail terms given for the charge of Injury to a Child. The jail time for this charge differs from state-to-state, but also from county-to-county within those states. While researching this subject, I found sentences for Injury to a Child in Texas that ranged from two years up to thirty-eight years. The following are examples of fathers hurting their children, one of which resulted in the child’s death. Anton Juel Henry (30) of Waco, Texas, pled “guilty to murder and injury to a child,” as a part of a plea deal, in connection to the 2014 death of one of his two-month-old twin boys (Carroll 2017). He was given a forty-eight-year prison sentence for the murder charge and…show more content…
of Conroe, Texas, pled guilty to Injury to a Child in connection to the 2009 injury of his three-month-old son; there was evidence that there had been multiple incidences of abuse (Engle 2011). Welker was sentenced to thirty-five-years with the possibility of parole (2011). John Stephen Davis (22) of Waco, Texas was arrested in 2009 for injuring his three-month old daughter (Talbert 2009). Doctors determined there were two separate incidents of abuse that resulted in injury (2009). Davis is serving a ten-year prison term for the incident (“John Stephen Davis” n.d.). Currently, sentences vary based on mental state, injury, and offense level (Benson-Varghese 2017). The three levels of mental state include “intentionally or knowingly caused”, caused by recklessness or negligence (2017). Injuries are differentiated as: 1) “serious mental deficiency, impairment or injury”, 2) “serious bodily injury” or 3) “bodily injury to a child” (2017). Offense levels range from state jail felony up to first degree felony (2017). When Injury to a Child is determined to be a state jail felony offense, the jail term ranges from 180 days up to two years (2017); however, if it
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