Injury Prevention

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Injury Prevention

Abstract On this paper we will review the formation of injury prevention coalition in Lincoln state. We will look at the ideal size, effects and impacts, member recruiting process, expectations, advantages and disadvantages of decision making, evaluation, resource management, leadership and organization of Lincoln State Injury Coalition (LSIC).

A coalition should be formed in Lincoln state to successfully tackle mortality rates attributed to injury, which is the fourth leading cause of death of Lincoln resident before age 65 (Turnock, 2009). The focus of LSIC should include primary functions like service delivery, planning and policy development, surveillance and assessment, and
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A director or coordinator may also be hired to facilitate the process, this individual should have experience with grassroots community development and posses the ability to motive and inspire its members, demonstrate initiative and drive, possesses knowledge and enthusiasm, good communicator and good organizer. The Lincoln State Department of Public Health (LSDPH) would be encouraged to be involved due to their expertise and available resources (Brownson, Baker & Novick, 1999).
Access to available resource either financial or informational proves vital, so LSDPH should also serve as coalition members. The involvement of the LSDPH may also make the coalition more attractive and credible thereby increasing interest of its members.
Clearly stating each members role is crucial, a decision making body should be chosen and these members should make formal decisions relating to injury preventive intervention. Members of the coalition should voice their concerns and issues during meeting. The decision body can then make decisions on mandatory safety seats for adults (passengers and drivers) and baby passengers and alcohol impairment. Once these decisions have been made the committees can then vote and pass their vote onto the LSDPH. The decision making process could be time consuming and potentially drawback the coalition’s success. Better decisions are made using this style of decision making process and therefore increase
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