Injury-Proneness Among Athletes

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Why Some Athletes Are Injury-Prone For most athletes, injuries are just a part of the game, but some professionals are fairly more injury-prone than others. There are an abundance of causes to become injury prone, but there are even more effects. They don’t realize just how severe being injury-prone can be. Being called fragile isn’t the greatest thing, and it also shouldn’t be taken as a joke. Some athletes don’t have a say because it is in their genetics; however, most athletes bring it upon themselves. There are many causes and effects of being injury-prone, whether it’s athletes overtraining or starving themselves. The most common cause of injury-proneness in athletes is anorexia or bulimia. Dr. McCallum from McCallum Place St. Louis makes a point of how more individuals die from anorexia than any other psychiatric disorder. Professional athletes consider themselves as role models to young people, so they understand they have to look flawless. The athletes suppose that if they have the perfect figure everyone will look up to them. Being perfect is the mindset that causes some athletes to develop…show more content…
A term that can be used professionally is called Overtraining Syndrome. There are many effects from overtraining, but the most effective are in the sentences to follow. You get a washed out feeling and lack of energy, there is a sudden drop in your performance level, and you also suffer from depression. All of these symptoms often make the person feel a compulsive need to exercise. According to, “one of the effects of the syndrome is not only failing to gain muscle, but also losing it.” There are several ways that you can tell if you are overtraining; one way is to document your heart rate over time. Another way is to keep pace of your heartbeat throughout a workout and if it slows, you might be heading into overtraining
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