Injury Symptoms Associated With Injuries

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Whether in a car crash, an accident at work, or in another type of mishap, a brain injury can be among the most serious of injuries. There are a wide range of brain injuries. While one person may recover fairly quickly from a brain injury, another person may suffer the effects of the injury for years or even for the rest of the person’s life. To really understand the extent of your injury, you must understand some of the common brain injury symptoms associated with different injuries. Concussion Concussions can happen because of a fall at work, during a collision in sports, as a result of a car accident, or at other times. Whenever someone takes a direct hit to the head, a concussion could occur. While most people recover with rest and avoiding other activities that may cause greater damage, a severe concussion or multiple concussions could lead to more lasting damage to the brain. There are a wide range of concussion symptoms, some of which may not even appear right away. They may include difficulty concentrating or remembering new information as well as slurred speech. A loss of consciousness, even for a short time, is another sign. Nausea and vomiting, balance issues, dizziness, and balance issues are also signs that the person might have suffered a concussion. Headaches, blurry or fuzzy vision, and sensitivity to light are other indicators that the person may have a concussion. Two big indicators that a person may have suffered a concussion are changes in sleep
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