Injury can result from violence

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Injury can result form violence Injury Can Result from Violence Injury can result from many different incidents. One specifically important incident resulting in injury is domestic violence. It is approximated statistically that 1.8 million to 3-4 million domestic violence cases occur each year, unfortunately, the number of cases that occur cannot be more accurate due to domestic violence usually occurring in the relative privacy of one’s home. (Kelly, 2003) As disturbing as these numbers may be, we need to acknowledge that domestic violence is not a new problem arising in American homes but what is new is that we are now more aware of how serious the issue of domestic violence is in today’s society. Today,…show more content…
For example, a 39 year old female informed her spouse she was leaving and he lost it completely. Her spouse told her he would kill her before he would ever let her move out. Per the story, she said he almost did kill her before she had a chance to move out. (Roberts, 2002) When she did finally move out, he began to stalk her, leave threatening messages, and go to her job. (Roberts, 2002) Domestic violence is against the law! In today’s society, domestic violence is a misdemeanor for the first time offender and becomes a felony after a second offense. The legal system has many different functions. One of the main functions of the legal system is to protect the autonomy and freedom of all citizens. The key role of this function of government is to restrict the actions that are deemed to negatively impinge on the liberties of others. (Kelly, 2003) In the past, criminal law had required that victims sign formal complaints in order for criminal charges to be filed by the state. Today, if the victim decides not to go forward with criminal charges, there are now statutes that have been developed allowing police to make arrests at the time of complaint and bring the offender directly to the jailhouse for court. (Roberts, 2002) In Pinellas County, the state attorney’s office has developed a specially trained domestic violence unit which consists of attorneys, criminal investigator, victim’s advocates, and support staff. In
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