Examples Of Injustice For Juveniles

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Injustice for “Juveniles”
The age of majority in the United States is currently eighteen years old. This means that any person under the age of eighteen cannot fully function in society without the consent and advisory of a parent or guardian at all times. The age of majority should be changed from eighteen years old to sixteen years old due to the fact that it is not fair on behalf of minors who work and pay taxes to not be able to access basic human rights.
Addiction and substance abuse is a personal fear in most people worldwide. Young people are more susceptible to experimenting with tobacco and alcohol, than middle aged or older people are. Most people reported smoking at the age or eighteen, when they could legally purchase …show more content…

Constitution). This law was primarily put into order due to the drafting of eighteen year olds in World War Two. Franklin D. Roosevelt stated that if a human is “Old enough to fight, they are old enough to vote”(History Staff). Some people believe that if voting rights were to be given to sixteen year olds they would make immature voting decisions.
Nicholas Wolfinger conducted a study that focused on the success rates in marriage among young people. Couples who get married at the age of twenty or earlier are fifty percent more likely to divorce than couples who marry after the age of twenty (Wolfinger. Nicholas). If teens were allowed to enter into marriage the divorce rates would likely raise significantly. The average human brain is not fully developed until the age of twenty-five. Lowering the age a student should be allowed to drop out without the brain being fully developed could cause an increase in unemployment.

No matter what age you are, if you are receiving a paycheck the government is collecting taxes from it. The government is so desperate for income they will even make exceptions to hire fourteen and fifteen year olds in some cases. Every job has dangerous aspects to it. When a minor applies for a job they are signing their life away as well. Minors can risk their lives working but cannot receive medical treatment without parents

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