Injustice-Personal Narrative

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The mornings in our tribe have always been the most peaceful part of the day, therefore the moment I opened my eyes and heard the commotion coming from outside, I knew something was off. I prepare for the anticipated attack by grabbing the weapon closest to me, I believe today is the day our enemy tribe has chosen to cause an onslaught; the day I've been preparing for since the day I was born. I step out, ready to fight, but I see nothing else than a crowd of people violently whispering to themselves. I don't care to drop my weapon, but rush to the area of interest. As I get closer, I not only see a vibrant white, but I hear a tongue that sparks my interest as it has sure caught the attention of many others. I push past my people and without realizing what I did, I find myself standing in front of what I can only describe as a god. The looks of this man/creature scare me, for I have never in my 17 years of life, seen anything like him. White skin, short hair,…show more content…
Did he come alone? And the moment that the question is inquired, I receive a response as 5 more of them appear out of nowhere; and this is where I start getting more attentive towards them. Whether they come in peace, I won't confide in them as much as m brothers and sisters seem to worship them with their stare. They carry engrossing pieces of wood with metal, which can only make me wonder what they are for. I have realized they were now speaking to us, they all gaze at us as we do them. But not one word is being understood from either party. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one vigorous sound resonates through each of our bodies, somehow like an explosion. The gods laugh among themselves, not unaware, but not surprised by the sound, consequently giving away that the noise came from on of them. I then realize it came from one of the small wood things that I now realize are weapons; weapons with too much power. So much power, a bird fell from the sky. These men might not be gods, but fallen
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