Injustice in Work Place

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Injustice in Workplace and its Impact on Organizations Justice is the wide concept that could be seen or not in many aspects of life, in courts, in countries, between families, or even at workplace or many others. From a business point of view, in which justice might be at any type of private or governmental organizations, employees might face different kinds of unfair treatment based on different reasons. According to Duan, Lam, Chen, and Zhong this is part of what is known as the “ Leadership Justice.” (1288) Which is the part of justice that focused on the rights of employees and how to apply inside organizations. Leadership Justice includes three types of Justice. The first type is the distributive justice, which happens when…show more content…
And even though many laws are enacted to control it, the number is still increasing. In the United States of America, There is a law to protect both the employee and the employer as well. Some employees complain to the court for discrimination at workplace, and that may cost the organization a lot. Even with these laws, organizations must follow some procedures to keep on its business and the relation with the employee until the verdict. For example, organizations have to keep on employees discipline and rights at the same time, also the have to keep on good performance and evaluate the employee’s performance regardless of emotions (Miles, Felming And McKinney 696) In contrast to the negative results of employees’ unfair treatment, just environment and unbiased treatment increase the productivity and innovation inside organizations. Employees’ performance in such environments, where they receive acknowledgment of their work regardless of any background they have, is resulted in “ job satisfaction, organizational commitment, trust, evaluation of authority, organizational citizenship behavior, withdrawal, and performance” (Tjosvold, Wong, and Wan 636). Employees in just organizations contribute the knowledge and information they have or hear about to their leaders, also they improve their skills and qualifications to meet the organizations’
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