Injustices Of Lgbtq People Within The Foster System

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Injustices of LGBTQ People within the Foster System
Placements in wards, group homes, or private homes of a state certified caregiver known as a “foster parent”, emergency shelters, residential facilities, and homes of relatives are typical substitute parental figures for children whose parents or guardians are unable to care for the them. This system is known as the Foster Care system. The foster care system began as a system put in place as a safe haven for children experiencing maltreatment in their homes. The goal of this system was to place children in other homes temporarily while parents did what they needed to do to receive their parental custody back. This has not changed much but since the admission of many children, the system has not accounted for the many children who do not identify as heterosexual. There have been studies that prove that LGBTQ youth are not feeling very included in the conversation about the well-being of all foster children. The system is flawed in the sense that it is discriminatory against their LGBTQ population which include both foster child, and foster parents.
Although research has increasingly examined the experiences of LGB adolescents, only more recently have they begun to consider the needs of transgender adolescents. More studies are needed to increase professional knowledge of LGBT youth in foster care and how to better serve these children. Foster youths experiences is crucial to developing more studies and in turn being able…
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