Inky Alternate Ending

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“Inky, I think we've lost our way.” Sheldon the Sea Crab scratched his spiky head with his front claw. “We've wandered out too far; I don't know where we are.” Inky the Octopus frowned. He looked out across the ocean floor, past the swaying sea grass and a school of shimmering silver fish. Sheldon was right; nothing looked familiar. How would they find their way back to Hawke's Bay? Inky closed his eyes and thought as hard as he could. And then it hit him! “We turn at the sunken ship!” Inky exclaimed. “We swim past the reef and then we'll see our garden.” Inky jetted off though the sea grass. He zipped and zagged between the jiggling jellyfish and the spotted sea snails. Sheldon scuttled along close behind him.…show more content…
He unfurled all eight of his arms. Each arm held a shiny new seashell for Inky's garden. Sheldon picked up the shells and arranged them on the cave wall. “Inky,” he said, “You are a clever and curious fellow. You always find your way back…show more content…
“Home is the best place there is,” he replied. The next morning the two went out again looking for more treasures. Inky swished and swirled along the rainbow reef, stopping to examine a scalloped seashell. “What is that thing up ahead?” Sheldon asked. Inky looked up. He saw an odd looking object sitting in the nearby sea
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