Inland Animal Shelter Essay

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A severe storm caused a major flooding and significant damage to the city of Coastalview and other surrounding cities. The storm left many animals homeless and they were all sent to a small privately owned animal shelter called Inland Animal Shelter managed by Mike O’day. IAS was overwhelmed with the number of incoming animals from the storm. They didn’t have the time to time to scan the chips of all animals so they can be found by their animals, they didn’t have the right readers to scan the chips, they didn’t have enough food, medicine, and space to provide for all the animals. For those reasons Mike decides to place animals without owner identification collars at other shelters around the U.S. that will accept animals for adoption. Mike…show more content…
I understand they don’t have enough space, food and medicine but it’s wrong to send animals all around the U.S. where the owners won’t be able to find their animals. Instead of sending the animals anywhere in the U.S., he could have sent them to an animal shelter that’s closer to their state or sent them to other surrounding cities that wasn’t effected by the storm or received minor damage and could be able to provide for the animals.
Chad who is an employee at the shelter does not agree with the decision that Mike has made. Chad feels as though they can take in all of the animals and scan all the animals for their chips to reunite pets with their owners by putting in extra hours at work. He doesn’t know what to about his boss’s decision. He wonders if he should call someone about Mike’s decision, to report his employee to the owner of the shelter or just obey his manager’s directions.
Mike wants to send some of the animals to other parts of the country because he thinks other shelters can handle the animals. He thinks that some of the owner won’t even try and look for their pets. If they scan the animal’s tags there is a possibility that they won’t be able to reach the owners. If they take in all of the animals they want be able to provide the food and medicine for the animals that need it the
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