Inman’s Spiritual Journey In Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

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Cold Mountain is a popular book and movie written by Charles Frazier. Cold Mountain is a book about two lovers, Inman and Ada, during the Civil War, who depart on separate journeys in hopes of reuniting with one another. The novel is viewed as the physical journey of Inman from the Civil War to Cold Mountain and the inner journey of Ada, but people neglect the sheer importance that Inman’s spiritual journey has on the book. Inman’s physical journey is really non-connected episodes that are linked together by the thread that is Inman’s spiritual sense. Inman regains his spiritual sense, gradually, through the entire novel ending where he achieves redemption and self-completeness with his death. Inman’s journey is that of a spiritual …show more content…
In describing his own spiritual condition, he uses words like "torn apart" "burned out" "empty," "blasted" "lonesome" "estranged" and even "dead":
Inman guessed Swimmer’s spells were right in saying a man’s spirit could be torn apart and cease and yet his body keep on living…He himself a case point…his spirit, it seemed, had been burned out of him but he was yet walking. Feeling empty, however, as the core of a big black gum tree…It seemed a poor swap to find that the only way one might keep from fearing death was to act numb and set apart as if dead already (22).
In fact, Inman doubts that he will ever “heal up and feel whole” again (25). These excerpts show that Inman sees himself as spiritually incomplete. It’s also evident that Inman has a spiritual reawakening from the sheer change he makes from the beginning of the book compared to the end. At the beginning of the book, Inman saw his spirit as “blasted away so that he had become lonesome and estranged from all around him as a sad old heron standing pointless watch in the mudflats of a pond lacking frogs” (22). Inman clearly states his ravaged spiritual state and shows that he doesn’t believe in easy answers to the problems of life like the Christians around him who do not show a connection between their beliefs and their actions. This type of Christian is demonstrated through Veasey, a preacher who impregnates his black lover and tries to kill her to cover it up. At
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