Inman’s War Chapter 1 “Destinations” , Summary Essay

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EXAMPLE OF ENG 060 JOURNAL Inman’s War Chapter 1 “Destinations” pages 1-10 SUMMARY In Chapter 1 “Destinations”, Jeffrey S. Copeland introduces readers to Inman Perkins and three other characters – Doc Taylor, Williams, and Olivia Merriwether. Inman Perkins was beginning a new experience as part of the U.S. Army during World War II. He was taking the first train trip of his life, leaving St. Louis and heading for Davis-Monthan Field in Arizona. He was eager and excited to see what his new experiences in the military would bring him, but at the same time he was sad to leave behind his life in St. Louis. He missed his job as a science teacher at Sumner High School, a well-respected school for African Americans, and especially his…show more content…
It was exciting to think about what was ahead, but it was also heartbreaking to think about saying goodbye to what I had known before. RESPOND - It is interesting how the author begins the book with this trip. It makes the readers curious to know where they are going and what is going to happen to them on the trip, but it also makes us want to know more about where they have come from. I have a feeling that the book will make connections between the future experiences that lie ahead for the men and their past lives. Can a person really feel excited about the new experience of going into the military during war time? Don’t they feel afraid that they might not return home alive? I suppose it is a strange combination of fear and excitement. I think that what Inman already misses so much is his chance to be together with Olivia. p. 9 COPY - “I looked again at the sacks of mail and said, “If you ask me, ‘funny’ isn’t the right word.” EXPLAIN – When I saw the bags of mail, it didn’t seem amusing that we were supposed to be guarding them. I was suspicious. RESPOND - A few lines before, Doc had mentioned that it was funny how the three African American soldiers ended up together doing the job of guarding the mail. I understood that Doc was definitely smarter than Williams, but at this point I am not sure whether Doc meant to use the word “funny” in the sense of “humorous” or in the

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