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Police Corruption The law enforcement role has authority and power in any society, and often that power is combined with the ability to make discretionary decisions that may profoundly affect the lives of the people in the community. With abundant power and authority, the temptation for corruption occurs. Police corruption is one major type of police misconduct, and has been known throughout history. According to Pollock (2012), “police corruption does not occur just in the United States (p. 175). It is well known that in Mexico many officers are corrupt. In Mexico, police officers are induced and even coerced to collaborate with different drug dealers throughout the country (Pollock, 2012). This paper…show more content…
On the other hand, the streets are much safer and accidents can be avoided if the law is strictly and fairly forced.
Graft occurs when officers exploit their role by accepting bribes or money in exchange for protection (Pollock, 2012). Corrupt officers, for example, may use their uniformed authority to ask for money from business owners or gangsters, with the implied threat of enforcement or difficulty in conducting business as usual. Another police corruption pattern occurs when some police officers engage criminal activities during their daily tasks until they change their career positions from police to criminal cops (Pollock, 2012).
On-Duty Use Alcohol and Drugs and Sexual Misconduct It is no secret that some officers use alcohol and drugs while on duty. Although undercover officers are more likely to use alcohol and drugs on duty, the on-duty use of drugs and alcohol may be found in the deviant behavior of regular patrol officers. Addiction to drugs and alcohol are potential sources of law enforcement misconduct and corruption. It sets a bad example for public relations. It will certainly affect judgment, and possibly lead to a greater likelihood of use of deadly force or officer-involved traffic accidents. Sexual misconduct occurs when officers use their authority as a means to receive sexual acts from citizens or society. For example, a male officer pulls a beautiful motorist woman over and offers to forego issuing a citation
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