Inmates and Organ Transplants: An Ethical Dilemma Essay

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In today’s medical field there is a profuse amount of room for ethical questioning concerning any procedure performed by a medical professional. According to the book Law & Ethics for Medical Careers, by Karen Judson and Carlene Harrison, ethics is defined as the standards of behavior, developed as a result of one’s concept of right and wrong (Judson, & Harrison, 2010). With that in mind, organ transplants for inmates has become a subject in which many people are asking questions as to whether it is morally right or wrong. In the ABC News article entitled Death-Row Inmates Seeks Organ Transplant by Bryan Robinson, the issue of a death-row prisoner in Oregon, by the name of Horacio Alberto Reyes-Camarena, receiving priority over a…show more content…
With the state funding health care for prisoners and the Supreme Court’s ruling, this does however cause a problem for physicians who are ethically bound to help all patients. “[It also causes frustration among physicians because budget cuts are knocking arguably more deserving donor recipients off the transplant list, and allowing prisoners like Reyes-Camarena to receive priority]” (Robinson).
Not only is the dilemma of inmates receiving organ transplants affecting physicians, but it affects all citizens equally, as well. It costs taxpayers ten and hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to provide one prisoner with a transplant operation (“Organ transplants for,” 2011). “Efforts to ensure prisoner rights have compromised the lives of law-abiding taxpayers who are the state’s main source of income when it comes to paying for inmates’ medical bills” (Robinson). The issue of inmates receiving priority over deserving law-abiding citizens when it comes to organ transplants could possibly be resolved satisfactorily. One of the ways this could happen is by having the Supreme Court make amends to its original ruling by going more in depth about the health-care criteria inmates are entitled to.
Another way to resolve this issue, would be to have each individual state come up with various health care plans in which inmates’ would be able to sign up and pay for with the money on their accounts, or having family members or friends pay for

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