Inmense Effects of Physical Punishment

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In our society today, the quote we hear time and time again is, “Our children are our future.” So why is it that so many children are being abused? Physical punishment leads to countless consequences. If we truly believe that our children are our future, then we need to first fully understand how physical punishment affects children physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s important to acknowledge that once a child is hit, the memory of that pain and humiliation remains programmed in the body and the brain for the rest of their lives. Physical punishment has an immense effect on the body, especially those who are still growing and developing. Bruises, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, and other injuries are all effects of physical …show more content…
If we want out children to be our future then shouldn’t we want for them to be able to be able to connect with others and be confident with themselves? Instead, by using physical punishment, children loose their self esteem and learn that conflicts are resolved with violence. Furthermore, children can become confused by the feelings of love and pain that their parents portray. As Greven states on page 174, “Sadomasochism provides the most direct evidence for the enduring consequences of early corporal punishment, since the sexual forms that sadomasochism takes mirror the earlier encounter with discipline and pain with remarkable faithfulness.” The associations of love, fear, and pain begin early and remain ingrained in the unconscious mind for the rest of their lives. These mixed and confusing feelings are then carried on into adulthood and may even lead to domestic violence. Everything a young growing child learns about aggression and assault become the models of violence and aggression towards their future romantic relationships. So how does a developing child deal with all this pain and severely intense emotions? In many cases, children use dissociative means to cope with it all. Hysterical personalities and behaviors, as well as borderline personalities are rooted in dissociative processes. In some sever cases; even multiple personalities are created to cope with the emotions of rage, hatred aggression, and depression caused by
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