Inner Beauty Vs. Outer Beauty

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Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty Inner and physical beauty has always been around, affecting females and males of all ages. Though what really matters is inner beauty; how a person can express themselves as a human is the only important beauty. Outer appearances can be the only sight that humans are able to see, but inner sensations are the only feelings humans can truly encounter in their lives. People want to keep up with society and trends, therefore, they use themselves like mannequins and do anything to show themselves as “pretty”. Everybody is beautiful the way they are, and nobody should change to keep up with a social beauty scale that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. Inner beauty is far superior to outer beauty because inner beauty shows who a person really is. To those who have doubts about what real beauty is, the inner beauty of a person defines them as a human; their bravery to stand up for people, their courage to do what’s right, their hidden talents, their never broken promises, their ability to be grateful for everything, and the amount of love they hold all define them as who they are; while outer beauty is also nice to have, it goes away at some point in life, basically being useless to a person; inner beauty is far more important and real. To begin with, while having pretty looks can be the most important feature to a person, looks are only temporary and do not guarantee a pretty heart. A person with outer beauty might not be so much as rude, but
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