Inner City School Analysis : ' I Am A Promise ' Essay

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Joseph Bell Dr. Patterson English 101 10 October 2016 Inner City School Analysis In the United States, students’ education is effected primarily by the economy and location. Schools located in low income, high crime areas negatively affect students’ learning abilities. There are a few key factors in determining a student’s success in school, funding, programs, teachers and home life. Low income students should have the same resources as children from wealthier areas. In inner city Philadelphia, lower north Philadelphia, the median income was $31,639 and the graduation rate was 65% in June of 2015. Moorestown township, a suburb of Philadelphia whose median income is $127,637 in 2016 had a graduation rate of 97.53%. Children who grow up in low income, high crime, low funding areas and get very little attention from adults at home have a tougher time excelling in school and earning a diploma compared to children in wealthier school districts. The movie I Am a Promise is a documentary that focuses on Stanton elementary school, a school in north Philadelphia. Stanton is a chapter one school meaning that they receive federal funds. However, it is not enough for the students to gain access to the resources they need. The school is 100 percent African American and 90 percent of the students have single parents working just to make ends meet. Often, the students who come from single parent homes in these low-income areas do not have the parental support needed to excel in

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