Inner Evil in Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

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Inner Evil Throughout the novel Lord Of The Flies, the boys on the island are continuously faced with numerous fears. Subsequently there is nothing on the island which they fear more than the beast. The beast is not a tangible object that can be killed or destroyed by conventional means, but an idea symbolizing the primal savage instincts within all people. Its Golding’s intention to illustrate the innate evil inside man through his view of human nature, the actions of the Jack and his tribe, and the relationship between the beast and the school boys. Golding wanted to reveal to the reader his point of view and theory of human nature. He wanted to make it clear that each member of humankind has a dark side, which is portrayed…show more content…
Their desire to please the beast leads them into golding’s theory of inner evil, shown by the gruesome slaughtering of the pigs and the “Lord of the Flies” itself, a gift to the supernatural creature. The Lord of the Flies is a direct translation to Beelzebub, which is name given to the devil in the bible. From this we can take Golding's perspective and motives not to express the relationship between the Pig’s head and the boys but human nature and evil. Soon the hunters lose sight of their school boy origins and their compassion, seeking only to hunt pigs and increase the tribe members or kill anyone standing in their way. This is a direct outcome from the beast who leads the boys into savagery and violence further developing their own inner beast. The relationship between the beast and the school boys is played out through the conversation between Simon and the Lord of the Flies. The Lord of the Flies or pig head tries to intimidate and forewarn Simon calling him,”just an ignorant, silly little boy”(184) and scoffs at Simon for thinking the beast is “something you could hunt or kill!” (184) Golding uses this symbolic beast, the Lord of the Flies, to reveal the truth to Simon which is that “they”(184) the boys on the island are the real beast. Before Simon faints the Lord of the Flies warms Simon that

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