Inner Ring Essay

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Alex Arroyo
Professor Ledri-Aguilar
English 120
30 August 2013
Inner Rings and the Motives that Come Along C.S Lewis delivered a speech named “The Inner Ring” at King’s College, a University in London. As Lewis continues on in his speech, one may be a little thrown off by what these inner rings are and what exactly they mean to people. Although Lewis mentions both good and harmful inner rings, one could argue that most people find themselves so caught up in these inner rings they do not even realize they are trying to be involved in them for the wrong reasons. Some people strive to have a certain appearance that comes along with being involved in these inner rings that they tend to forget what really is important to them.
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Some of these inner rings are the reason we have competition, jealously and spite in the world. It is not right for one to feel left out just because they do not have certain traits or don’t have the same views as another. Lewis even acknowledges this with his passage, “Unless you take measures to prevent it, this desire is going to be one of the chief motives of your life, from the first day on which you enter your profession until the day when you are too old to care” (Lewis 152). An example of today’s inner ring would be fraternities at Colleges. People who aren’t part of a certain fraternity would feel left out when they see the Frat’s doing activities only Frat members are allowed to do. This might make one feel the need to fit in and do certain things they do not enjoy just to be accepted in a fraternity. Although this particular example does not apply to everybody, it still does not hide these inner rings because they can be found everywhere.
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Another example of an inner ring existing is social class in itself. Rich hang out with the rich, poor hang out with the poor. People obviously have different circumstances that make their social class rich or poor, but the ring still exists. Lower class people feel left out when they see the upper class driving nicer cars, eating expensive dinners, and living in expensive homes. While on the other end, lower class workers are living pay check to
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