Inner Values In Annelie

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People have different interpretations of fortunes, such as inner values and outer values. Many believe that outer values are the most important aspect, which is justifiable considering that the outer values are the first thing we notice. We are born with a set if fortunes in advance, but in order to find them, you must search for it. These fortunes will determine your destiny in life and acts like a road to find yourself. In order to find your fortune and values, you must search for it, to create an identity for yourself.
Everyone are born with a particular destiny that Is determined in advance. For example, some people are destined to become a writer or a singer. In order to find out what you are destined for, you must search and explore and create an identity for yourself.
The short story is told by the main character, Annelie, and takes place in South Africa. She
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This is also clarified when she says that she became “madam” and his name remained untouched. The separation of black and white people. Knowing that, it is obvious that there are some kind of social hierarchy involved. Her father tells her that she should “mix with your own type, Annelie” . As a reader, we would expect that her view on black people is altered at this point, because of her age. This also raises the question, what skin-color does Annelie have? We are told that she is not milk-white, and that her father, brother and Aunt are “tough-skinned”. That must mean, that she is definitely not white or black, but somewhere in-between, maybe a mulatto? One of the themes in this short story, is the conflict among white and black people at that time, which is seen from the way the characters talk and treat about black people. This is seen from the way Hendrik talks about Thabo, calling him a kaffir, which is the word equivalent used today “nigger”. Annelie

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