Innocence In Lord Of The Flies

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What would happen if you put children into a world with lawless world? When the book Lord of The Flies shows us full extent of what a group of young boy would do in a place where they aren't bound by laws. During the beginning they boys were just playing around and having fun, they created hierarchy of Ralph (Leader) then biggums (older boys) and then littluns (younger boys). It look like things were going well until the story progresses closer to the end. They boys created a figment of imagination knows as “The Beast”, their minds were slowly changing from innocent kids into monsters. What chain of events lead to the innocent children having their minds warped into such a terrible state? What ever happened its is clear that confronting the reality of our harsh world destroys innocence. In the beginning of our story, Lord of The Flies, the children were still pure and Innocense. They had set up a plan, created a hierarchy and were following their leader. Most of the time there were just playing around as Ralph said “All day I’ve been working with Simon, No one else, They’re off bathing , or eating , or playing.”. They were fearless, they did whatever they wanted whether it was go hunting or just palyinging around, they didn't have a single care in the world. Not only that but they created rules and had plans, rules such as the one with the couch has the right to speak and no one can talk over that person. They had also devised a plan to get help as they created a fire on
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