Innocence, Innocence And Its Success

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Innocence and its success in the world are ideas prevalent in stories across the world and throughout history. However, every one of these stories explores the theme of innocence as well as its ability to thrive in distinct fashions and with differing perspectives on its merits. While some storytellers perceive innocence as impractical, a virtue not capable of survival in the ruthless environments in which it struggles to overcome evil, others regard innocence as honorable, an attribute that can prevail over the evil with which it engages in battle. While House of Cards takes a more cynical perspective on the merits of innocence, regarding it as unable to triumph in a world as amoral as that in which House of Cards is staged, the Odyssey illustrates innocence with a more optimistic attitude, depicting it as a value that can overcome the evil in the world that it faces. Innocence in House of Cards is implied to be impractical as well as unable to endure when positioned against the evil that is so prevalent in the world of House of Cards. Gillian Cole, the embodiment of innocence in House of Cards, founded a grassroots clean water foundation through hands-on involvement with the well projects in Africa. Instead of taking a position at Google with a six figure salary, she elected to start this nonprofit and receive a truly meager salary. Gillian resolves to employ her time on earth to aid those who are impoverished and in dire need of assistance. She is the epitome of innocence
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