Innocence and Experience as Seen by Kehily and Montgomery

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Summary of Authors’ perspectives It neither is in black and white, nor is it entirely clear, but it is evident that the authors Kehily and Montgomery (2009) have a unique and difference perspective of innocence compared to the widely known perspective. These authors believe that innocence is not fundamentally innate, while being perceived as an innate aspect of an individual as a child growing up, specifically a woman. Rather, it is a perception by the outside that has nothing to do with her character. The adults in the world, or those she interacts with, pin this ‘label’ on her regardless of their own doings. The adults choose to perceive some of the things she does as innocent and especially at the age where she is transitioning into womanhood. The authors summarize this point of view by saying that the perspective of innocence from an adult’s point of view, is not, and should not be taken to be a reflection of what the child or the girl does, or what she has experienced in her childhood. Rather, it is an indication of the adult’s mindset, and how the adults come into the thought they resort to as far as innocence is concerned. Children are brought up without any knowledge and their minds are essentially blank slates, as far as ideology and perceptions go. This state changes only at the behest of the adults’ motivation to instill the ideologies in the children. Application of the Idea When children are growing up, it is common to have them participate in activities that

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