Innocence and Oppressiveness in Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 and the book Animal Farm characters who are unaware of their surroundings allow for characters such as Beatty, Mr. Jones, and Napoleon to take over. Often times it is necessary for an oppressive power to be forceful in order to take over. Hitler is a leader who used force to take over the German people. In the case of both of these books the naïveté groups of people are used for their ignorance for the benefit of the leaders, and physical power is not required. Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451 both have a group of naïve people who share the inability to question power, possess loyalty, and stupidity. In Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451 the naiveté groups failed to question their authority’s power. In the book …show more content…
The animals along with the citizens from each of the two books are loyal to their leaders, they continue to uphold the information given to them and they embrace their power. In Fahrenheit 451 Mildred, the wife of Guy Montage is confident in the information she is given. Mildred spends her life watching and listening to that parlor walls and their local radio station. This continuous use of the same source nourishes her unawareness to the truth. “You want to give up everything? After all these years of working, because, one night, some woman and her books?--” (Bradbury 51) Mildred tries to explain to Montage that his dramatic decision to change his beliefs is corrupt. She tells him that he cannot just agree with what this woman is telling him and he cannot leave everything he knows for “some books”. Mildred is loyal to the principles instilled in her by their town’s government. “Napoleon is always right,” (Orwell 70) Boxer voices his opinion to the other animals. His broad statement gives evidence to the fidelity he has to his leader Napoleon. Mildred and Boxer both strongly agree with their leaders values and they encompass much trust with in their leaders. The succinct stupidity that the characters of the naiveté groups in both novels have is reasoning for why characters are being able to be oppressed by characters like Beatty and Napoleon. Mildred is foolish because

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