Innocence in The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger Essay

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One of the purist times in a person’s life is childhood, during this time life is easy and often romanticized. As a person grows older the innocence and naivety of childhood begins to fade into a hardness caused by the harsh realties of adulthood. Though the transition from childhood is hard, one most remember not to rush into adulthood savor your innocence . In Catcher In the Rye , by J.D. Salinger the main character Holden Caulfield is in the transitional stage, he finds it hard for him to grow-up and act like an adult. So instead of rushing in to adulthood, he finds slowing down the process and acting less adult like is better for him. Holden finds mature adult like subjects and qualities phony, but finds innocent child like subjects …show more content…
But the two youngest members of the family are the main recipients of his praise and joy. When he talked about his brother Allie that passed away it is always good. The quote that sums up his feelings towards Allies is, “he was a nice kid.”(Salinger 38) He relies on Allie when he has a problem or needs to think things through. When he was contemplating his leave and walking to give Phoebe her letter he talked to the ghost of Allie. The other sibling is Phoebe, Phoebe seem to be the apple of his eye. When he thought about leaving he only wanted and needed to say good-bye to Phoebe and no one else. The way he talks about D.B. is very different then the way he rants on about his younger siblings, he never talks bad or factious about D.B. he just doesn’t praise him as much. He views D.B. As phony and a Hollywood sellout. In many aspects the siblings are the same the only difference is their age and innocence level. He adores and admires the more innocent younger siblings, while he views the oldest one as being a fake. This just proves that Salinger thinks innocence’s should be captured and cherished. Holden seem to be weird and indifferent when it comes to females and sexual relationships. He has a made-up sex life when in actuality he has yet to do anything. When the prostitute came to his room he chickens out by
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