Innocence to Experienced in Forbidden City

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Innocence to experience in Forbidden City Life is a journey that everyone has to go through. We always start with innocent and inexperience. As we go through our journey of life, we usually meet some obstacle and challenge that we have to overcome to continue our journey of life, but we can receive help from other people along the way. We will learn experiences and become mature as we overcome the challenges and obstacles. So we can receive some important concert and abstract rewards for go through the journey and defeat our crucial struggle. Similarly, in William Bell’s novel Forbidden City, Alex goes on a dangerous journey from innocence to experience. First, Alex begins in the innocence stage as he is naive, inexperience and…show more content…
Alex reveals, “Behind me I heard a shout, then the hallow rattle of machine-gun fire. Something felt like baseball bat slammed into my back of leg. Knocking it out from under me.” (Bell 164). This quotation demonstrates that Alex’s leg is shot by the PLA, this causes him fall down to the ground and lose his mobility to escape from the ruthless PLA, for this reason, PLA can easily follow up and take his life by giving him another shot. So as we see in this quotation, PLA are extremely dangerous to Alex, they carry AK47 and try to kill everyone in order to clear the square, which also shows PLA have no mercy to the people, even they are compatriot. Also, Alex faces his psychological leviathan which is the fear of losing his father. As Alex notice his father has been caught by the PLA, he worries and afraid of the PLA will murder his dad since PLA is a ruthless and cruelness. We see this when Alex says to Lao Xu, “‘you don 't know him, Lao Xu. He’ll forget about everything except getting pictures. I’ve got to get him out! I am not staying here while he’s down there!’” (Bell 151). This quotation demonstrates that Alex fear of losing his father as his father keeps taking pictures and videos while the merciless PLA are clearing the square. Alex knows how his dad is in an extremely dangerous situation which his safety is threaten and his dad will not leave the square. For this reason, Alex puts himself in
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