Innocent Company Analysis Essay

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Company Analysis

Table of Content

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Executive summary 3


Internal analysis

1.1 Mission, core values, and vision

1.2 Value Chain Analysis

1.3 Positioning Map

1.4 Success & Survival factors

1.5 Miles & Snow Adaptive Strategy

External analysis

2.1 Segmentation Analysis

2.2 Porter’s five forces

2.2 Industry Life Cycle

2.3 PEST Analysis

2.4 Benchmarking analysis

SWOT Analysis

3.1 Recommendations

Executive summary:

This report is an analysis about the company: Innocent Ltd. This company started its way in 1998 by three
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The PEST-Analysis is used to describe the macro environment of innocent on the subject of political/ legal, economic, social and technological aspects. The government cuts, 5 a day campaign and tax increase play an important role regarding the political issues in the macro environment. It is expected, that the economic climate as well as the smoothie market will improve in the future. The trend for healthy eating and the ethical behavioural consciousness plays a main role in this. It is also expected to have lots of innovation and communication developments regarding the technological macro environment. The benchmarking analysis in this report is applied as well in order to identify the main competitors of Innocent Ltd and to compare those companies with the organization. This analysis shows that


Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright founded innocent in 1998. (Below) They bought £500 worth of fruit and set up a stall at a music festival in Parsons Green, London, selling smoothies. At the stall, the guys put up a sign asking ‘’should we give up our day jobs to make smoothies?’’ They had two bins; one labelled ‘’YES’’ and the other ‘’NO’’ and they asked people to vote using their empty bottles. By the end of the day the ‘’YES’’ bin was completely filled up. This made them decide to start Innocent as a new business. Reed stated ‘’Innocent was
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