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Innocent Drinks is a UK-based company founded in 1999 whose primary business is producing smoothies and flavoured spring water, sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets nationally as well as in Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland. Innocent has a 75% share of the £169m UK smoothie market[citation needed] and the company sells two million smoothies per week.[3] Innocent is 58% owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

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Before settling on the name "innocent", the product was going to be called Fast Tractor. The company's HQ, Fruit Towers, is now based in Kensington. On 2 December 2007 Innocent Drinks appeared at number 40 in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the UK. It was the only company to have appeared in this list for the last five years consecutively.[citation needed] In each of the last four years, Innocent has more than doubled its revenues.[citation needed]
[edit] Products
Innocent Smoothie with a hat from the Big Chill Campaign

Smoothies are Innocent's primary product. The Innocent smoothie consists primarily of processed fresh fruit, but other ingredients such as carrots and ginger can be found in some drinks. A smoothie also counts towards two of the 5 a day as a 250ml smoothie contains at least one portion of whole crushed fruit (80g) and one portion of juice (150ml).[8]

In addition to the permanent recipes, Innocent produces "Seasonal Smoothies" and "Guest Smoothies" throughout the year. The "Seasonal Smoothie" usually reflects some aspect of the current season and the "Guest Smoothie" features new recipes; one recipe contained lemongrass and another featured beetroot. In January 2007, Innocent introduced the first of its monthly smoothies, the "January Detox", as well as a "breakfast smoothie".[9]

Innocent also makes superfruits smoothies, thickies that are yoghurt- based drinks, smoothies for

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