Innocent Man

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A book Review of “The Innocent Man”
By, Oscar Thomas

Novelist, former attorney, and Mississippi legislator, John Grisham, wrote the book entitled Innocent Man. As a small town lawyer in the South, he experienced many events that provided him with a clear view of families and communities. For this particular book, however, he gathered research that would provide insight to the justice system of Oklahoma and he found injustice that took the best years of a man 's life.
While reading several selections Grisham book, I conclude that he is definitely pro anti-capital punishment. He really focuses on the lack of justice in the criminal justice system in states predominately in the South and Midwest area. In these states spending any
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In an era where everyone is so concerned about the money, denying a defendant a reasonable amount of funding (to his public defender) for expert consultants and their testimonies could save thousands upon millions of dollars in wrongful prosecution lawsuits later. With the advent of DNA, many previously convicted men and women are being let out. Interestingly enough, DNA evidence isn 't the ONLY thing that would have exonerated them, but no one would listen. One issue I think Grisham was trying to help people see is the fact that we should not believe what we THINK, it has to be what we KNOW. What is the harm in humane treatment? Yes, criminals should be kept from the public, but since the justice system is not perfect and will make mistakes they shouldn 't be so self-righteous about their treatment of those they deem unworthy.
Ron 's example was just one of many who, because they are not the smartest, most capable souls, they make stupid mistakes, their odd behaviors offend many and they are the first ones put under a microscope when something goes wrong.
In light of recent events, the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school, multiple bomb and shooting threats since then, as well as other crimes (NYC subway system) people tend to react in a negative way toward people they feel are a threat. IF they are odd or quirky, for example, I recently read that in New York, right after Sandy Hook, a local politician made the
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