Innocents and Hope of Children Corrupted

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It is common knowledge that children represent innocence and hope for the future. Many individuals, unfortunately, take advantage of such innocence and corrupt it. This corruption has taken place around the world with no end in sight. The corruption of children can take place in many forms, such as emotionally and psychologically but the most gruesome method is for sexual exploitation and pornography. Child pornography is historically extremely difficult to define. The first brush occurrence of child pornography with American law was the memorable case of Jacobeelis v. Ohio 378 US 184 in 1964 (Gillespie, 2010, p. 19). In this case, the well-known phrase of “I know it when I see it” is used to describe how child pornographic material differs from adult pornography by Supreme Court Justice Stewart. This phrase is still used by law professionals today but it has caused difficulties because there is no apparent definition for law enforcement to know what to investigate and prevent. Very late in the century, the United States, along with England and Wales, established the first laws to handle child pornography, but there was little guidelines set to distinguish between adult and children pornography (Gillespie, 2010, p. 20). Distinguishing between the two categories of pornography is carried out with three main components: the meaning of child, which is determined with biological measures such as puberty to identify the age, the form of the material, the form that the obscene
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