Innostate Case Study

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Innostat case study

This case study talks about Innostat company, which based in Boston, MA.
The Innostat had charismatic CEO Jack Donally. This company was his creation. He had transformed the company from a small local manufacturer of scalpels and other surgical equipment into the world’s best-known maker of prosthetic limbs and surgical implants. Sales had reached more than $ 2 billion, with the company employing more than 5000 people at locations in Boston, Los Angeles, and Dublin, Ireland. Mostly they are stakeholders in this business case. Innostat also had sales and marketing country organizations around the world.
A few words about Jack. He had majored in history at the University
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I believe that yes. The company needs new products and impacts for development. Stephanie is good candidate for leading changes because her unique combination of marketing and technical skills.
How does she see these changes? While she reading report, we understand it. Management practices needs to be changed. Decision rights for new product development were to be taken out of R&D and given to cross-functional new product development teams headed by senior marketing people. The teams would be responsible for seeing the development from its early stages through to introduction of the product. The teams have to be interdisciplinary: bench scientists from R&D, a relatively senior manufacturing engineer, along with the manager of the plant making the product and someone from sales.
Also this report provided idea to create strategic marketing department. I’m not sure about the name of this department, but I guess we can call it simply strategic group. This group is needed for some reasons: 1) Stephanie can make mistake, which will negatively influence company’s future; 2) She doesn’t has clear and sequence plan and strategy; 3) She doesn’t has moral authority and respect in the company as a previous CEO. So it would be better to have support group.
She has to be part of this group, but, probably, miss some meeting for helping creation of this group. The main purpose of this group is
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