Innovation – A Step by Step Solution to Improve Education Essay

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Innovation – A Step by Step Solution to Improve Education

This week the media was full of stories about the outrage regarding the severe cuts California is undergoing in the area of public education funding. California currently ranks 49th out of the 50 states in public school performance K-12. Most people are understandably perplexed about how we will improve school performance and close the achievement gap if we keep cutting the funding? A bit of a chicken and egg dilemma.

The failing of our public schools across the US and particularly in urban areas has been a rant of mine for a long time. I am convinced that a failing education system is the most critical long-term problem facing our country. I have made education the
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I come from a family that believes in the opportunity and the power of education. Both my grandmother and mother were public school teachers. My father always told me that education was the great equalizer enabling people from different socio-economic backgrounds to compete on the same level. I am thankful to be a product of good public schools through to my high school graduation. I want the same opportunities of education that I had to be available to children everywhere, regardless of zip code or income level. Every child has a right to learn, and all children have the capacity to learn.

The education problem is different than many others and more frustrating – as a nation, we actually know what works, and how to fix this, and there are literally hundreds of examples of dramatic turnarounds and successes in a variety of geographies, and economic environments, including the most desperate of circumstances. In all cases, leadership and the alignment of success factors were present. This issue is not, as they say, rocket science. This is 100% fixable if we follow some well known success formulas that have been proven. There are tough choices and tough policy reform needed to create the winning conditions, but it is entirely possible. This makes it even more embarrassing, and dire that we act with urgency and
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