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Innovation and Growth: Proctor & Gamble co is a consumer goods company which has delivered product innovations such as Tide, Crest, Pantene, Downy, Pampers, Swiffer, Febreze, Olay and Gillette. P&G is also social responsible so they have started innovative programs such as Children’s Drinking water. In P&G, the products are improved with little changes to the original product so they can sustain the market with increased customer base. Disruptive innovation. P&G has started new products Swiffer and Febreze which opened doors to the world class opportunities. P&G has around 8000 people in the Research and Development department that are spread around the 5 continents in the world and they are the roots for the company…show more content…
GBS has provided services at much lower cost and saved P&G several million dollars in the first few years of establishment. P&G has launched Tide naturals in India with 30% effective price compared to the other harsher product and this made them to tap 70 % share of the market in less time. P&G is using continuous efforts in increasing its brand value in the market with new products. P&G mainly focus on the core business and they outsource the remaining business. P&G want to expand its business in the developing countries like China, India, and Russia to increase its market share in the world. P&G has focused on creating new products as they have spent around $2 billion on R&D of products in three years (2012-2014). In the emerging markets, P&G is the global leader in the market with more than 300 products. P&G has diversified business with that it has increased its revenue but it did not neglect the core business and did not stop launching new innovative products in the market. Sales and Marketing: P& G is the first company to sell direct to retailers and the creator of brand management .In year 2002 P&G has reported net earnings $4.35 billion. The core net sales has increase 2% in 2002 and Dividend per share in increased from $1.52 to $1.64 per common share in 2002. The company has good tie ups with the best sellers in the world which improves the sales

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