Innovation And Stagnation Of The Stone Age Humans

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Innovation and Stagnation Since the Stone Age humans have adapted to their environment by using the resources around them to create tools. From the days humans used sticks and stones as tools to today, humankind’s curiosity and every day hardships have driven us to improve our daily life. Today in developed countries we no longer have to hunt and find food on our own, it is easily accessible. Humanity innovated in order to make our lives easier, but there was always some kind of driving force behind this direction of improve. It has taken mankind hundreds of thousands of years to get where we are today, and through that journey we adapted and innovated in order to improve daily life. Throughout the course of human history…show more content…
Necessity can promote innovation in many various forms. This can include creating a new siege weapon to invade an enemy city, or create a weapon of mass destruction in hopes of ending a war sooner, for example: in World War 2 the United States created the atom bomb to do just that. Ancient Egypt was one of the first known civilizations to create and use a written language. Using hieroglyphs, the Egyptians were able to carve their knowledge and beliefs into stone. This allowed them to write their beliefs such as praising the Pharaoh as god. One of the most notable things Egyptians used hieroglyphs to write on was the stone blocks of obelisks, pyramids, and other stone structures. The Roman Empire is one of the biggest empires to ever exist in human history. The Roman Empire conquered huge swaths of land over the centuries of its existence. Along with their rapidly increasing borders due to their campaigns, their population and wealth increased immensely. The empire needed ways to sustain such large population, especially in a city as big as Ancient Rome. Large populations such as those in Ancient Rome required an immense amount of water daily and carrying water to and from a nearby water source was in no way a solution for such a population. This need of a continuous large source of water drove the Roman Engineers to create
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