Innovation Case Study: Knight Ridder

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Innovation Knight Ridder Executive Summary Knight Ridder has an interesting history of both being a leader in the printed media industry as well as investing in innovation before and during the internet's emergence. The company had an interesting perspective on the growth of the internet and its relation to print media. In 2002, Knight Ridder was the second largest newspaper publishing company in North America by circulation. The company published thirty one daily newspapers and twenty five weekly publications. However, the company was also in a similar market position during the internet's rise to being a ubiquitous feature in modern society. The case outlines many of the developments that occurred as this new medium quickly began to erode the newspapers industry standard operating procedures. As the internet began to replace some of the features that used to only be present in news print, tough business decisions had to be made. Case Overview Knight Ridder was an early innovator in the digital media space. The company had been developing a digital media system since the 1970s with its investment in videotex. Videotex was a system that allowed users to access news text that was delivered to a video screen through a phone connection. Although this was intuitively believed to provide great value to its consumer base, the company eventually realized that the system would never be a direct replacement for the standard newspaper and services. Although the videotex project

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