Innovation, Entrepreneurship, And Innovation

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Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship 2


Innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship is bringing your vision, creativity to life while building something of value that customers are willing to pay for.
Bill Aulet, managing director in the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship at MIT, lectures on IDEs “innovation-driven enterprises”, high growth potential and competitive advantage that brings new innovations to customers’ world-wide. (Aulet, 2013).
Tom Peters teaches the benefits of SMEs “small and medium enterprises” (SME), you don’t have to be in a traditional competitive market, just well understood business ideas, which have a possibility of failure (Peters, Building a Culture of Innovation, 1999).
Entrepreneur is a chance, to start your own business, with the possibility of failure. Intrapreneurship is given the financial support of a corporation or large company to have the freedom of innovation, be creative at no cost.

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Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship 3

Risks and Benefits of Enterprises
• Small Medium Enterprises “SMEs” is business or organization that usually starts in a home or small office, set of clients, depending on annual sales and funded by bank loans or
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