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Roxanne Dingle
ENT 435
June 7, 2015
Steve Wynne

The Importance of Innovation Architecture

Innovation Architecture is the systematic discipline that integrates, configures, transforms, and aligns diverse elements resulting in the creation, design, or building of new sources of organizational growth or wealth. An effective innovation architecture process is the foundation needed to build innovation-led growth. This type of leadership establishes the framework for delivering effective innovation management by product planning, innovation portfolio management, new product development and the lifecycle of ideas to market closure. Savvy leaders shape the culture of their company to drive innovation. No one ever feels like they have time
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I believe Walmart has been able to capitalize on innovation while others have not due to their big focus on the digital world. Walmart hired Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman (founders of Kosmix) in 2011 and they turned their online system from a mess to the highly profitable tool it is today. After eight months of turning their company around the duo resigned and the now Walmart Labs was taken over by Jeremy King who took the big screen (computer site) and designed it to fit the small screen (cell phone app). With this app you can make voice lists and you will know if your local store has each item in stock and where to find it in the store. They are now beginning to test out mobile check out which will keep a running tally of your in store shopping experience.
The same online world that is helping Walmart’s success boom can be what stifles the organization. If in store employees cannot keep up with the online speed then it will fail. I myself have used the site to store feature on the website. While ordering online is a simple process and the item arrives rather quickly, I found myself waiting for up to an hour for an associate to assist me with retrieving this item in store. They may need more workers to assist with the sales online or people will be turned off from
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