Innovation Is The Progress Of Change Within A Business

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Innovation is the progress of change within a business that’s ultimate goal is to lead a business into success. Each business model in every market must understand the constantly changing culture that actually causes the business to change. Busy Bees Babysitting is a company that is in a constantly changing market but has a unique twist to the average process. Innovation can bring a competitive advantage to the business and lead into more organizational success. Innovation requires a recognition of a problem, a proposed solution, an implementation plan and a way to measure it. All these aspects work together and can lead a business into growth. I currently work for a company called Busy Bees Babysitting as an independent contractor. This is a business, much like Care, that allows a family in need of a babysitter or nanny, to have access to hundreds of CPR certified workers. These job requests are made through an app where the parent enters the information of how many kids, their ages, and the zip code to a database that the babysitters have access to. Then the babysitters open the app and see which jobs they are available to take. This business has been open for about a year and a half and has grown a lot over the past two months. They now have 375 babysitters and over 1500 families in need of sitters. With such a quick growth rate the company runs on word of mouth, but they are overwhelmed with the amount of work that comes with success. When a babysitter has a flat tire,…
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