Innovation No More

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It seems we have lost the ability to innovate. We do not think the way we used to; we do not invent new concepts or ideas, rather we just adapt ideas of the past. Our thinking now a day is very limited to what we have already created.
Google’s definition of innovating, “make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products,” suggests that innovation is now just development of an old idea. In this definition there seems to be no mention of inventing but rather only the alteration of a product in a way never done before. It’s not that the alteration of a product is bad thing but it does create a very limited thinking world; a world that relies on the blueprints of the past to create a future.
So have we really lost our ability to innovate? Not really, it’s just that innovation has become merely focused on technology. It seems like technology will be the future. That future will involve people innovation of past ideas and not trying anything new due to the fear of failing. That innovation will mostly focus on technology which can help to make money.

The novel “Oryx and Crake” which is based on the future shows somewhat of the real future and what it will be like. In this science fiction novel, we are treated to a very limited thinking world in which the main concern is technology and money. There are some technological advances evident in this novel but not ones which are comprehensive or mind boggling. For example, there is a lot of
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