Innovation Process Involves Creativity Of The Mind

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The places that innovative ideas come from can vary. The innovation process involves creativity of the mind. The ideas that surround innovation come from employees, customers, competitors and even your suppliers. Anything that deals with innovation is challenging. The purpose of this report is to identify the sources of innovation, how it affects industries and to evaluate disruptive innovation. Identify sources of innovation Innovation comes from a variety of sources. For example when there are development teams within a company the use innovative ideas to enhance existing products or produce new ones. Innovations are brought about through the creative thoughts of employees, customers, and competitors. Feedback and suggestions are powerful tools in the innovation process. Customers are the forefront of innovation, they give companies their thoughts on what they would like to see done with the items that they produce then the company then takes that feedback and builds on it until there is a product enhancement or even a new product produced. Employees are the ones that make up the largest source for ideas when it comes to the innovation process. Since employees have a more informed idea of the products being produced, they can take feedback and suggestions and run with them. But they also come up with ideas as well for some it is in their job description. Development teams that operate within a company carry the weight of anticipating the needs of customers by giving
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