Innovation Streams : Technology Cycles Over Time

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Multi Touch Screen (Figure 1) Original IPhone Figure 2 Samsung Omnia Figure 3 Innovation Streams: Technology cycles over time Essay Intro Body Innovation streams related to sustainable because Tug war between competitors, always try to be one step ahead, by innovating. P1 – Patterns of innovation that can gradually create sustainable competitive advantage are known as Innovation Streams (Williams 2012) {see figure 4}. An Innovation stream begins with technological discontinuity, this is known as significant change between old and new technology due to scientific advance or a combination of existing technology (see figure 1) (Williams 2012). An example of this is when Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone on April 3 1973 (Seward 2016). Cooper introduced a ground breaking technology that would pave the way for the iPhones we use today. When introduced the mobile phone was different to the traditional landline at the time, because it was portable and able to be manoeuvred freely without dangling cables. This was a substantial change between the old technology, landlines and the new, mobile phones. This is followed by discontinuous change, which is characterised by Technological substitution and Design Competition. Technological Substitution is when consumers buy newer technologies to replace old ones (Williams 2012), such as getting Wi-Fi to replace your Dial-Up internet connection. Design Competition, is when there is a contest between older
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