Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography.

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Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography Article One: Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography Sánchez, A., Lago, A., Ferràs, X., & Ribera, J (2011) Innovation Management Practices, Strategic Adaptation, and Business Results: Evidence from the Electronics Industry. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation; 2011, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p14-39. Retrieved from Ebscohost The study in this write up was conducted to carefully evaluate if any; the relationship between bring up new ideas and working guidelines and the benefits to a company down the road. Studies have over time suggested that agencies run under government make efforts to encourage creativity and new…show more content…
It showed that trust, more business links and better understanding of standard principles were fostered by the incorporation of new ideas into any business. Such examples of new ideas had a direct effect on the progress of a business was when Apple produced the iPhone and iPad. The iPhone and iPad gained Apple serious ground in the technology battles that has been raged on in the past decade between Microsoft and itself. Microsoft has once countered with their own tablet with help from companies like Samsung. As technology continues to advance and more companies dive into the technology market, there will be more examples of new ideas that progress the business as whole. All I know is there are many interesting and fascinating ideas still on the rise for consumers and businesses alike. Conclusion From many of these examples and articles, we can gather much information over the relationship between innovation and strategic management. Although, some areas may not be proven in its fullest capacity, there are undoubtedly ways that innovation improved business operations and practices, which can be seen in examples such as Apple, Microsoft, Dominos, and Samsung. On the other hand, not every business incorporating innovation is a success story. In the dynamic days we find ourselves in today, business and organizations are digging deeper into the wells of innovation. We have all come to enjoy the benefits and I am not sure of anyone that would want to
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