Innovation and Technology

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Involution and change
The business world today is overstretched on what it is supposed to offer to the market. Today, an organization that does not embrace involution and technological changes in its operations is as well doomed to fail. There is no choice left other than that of deeply venturing in innovation and technological changes. Clients, in this century, are on the lookout for that organization, which is offering more than just a product to satisfy their needs. The client needs have evolved and other preferences, which include elements of modernism, are redefining what customers are looking for once the go out for shopping. Therefore, if an organization wants to survive the hostile business environment, it cannot underscore the importance of change. With this understanding, business organizations have ensued on measures that position them on the right track to achieve innovation and embrace changes on the products they offer to the market. Today, these organizations are setting aside large amounts of cash to fund research and development activities that will ensure they are up-to-date technologically. However, the chief goal of this paper is to explore and critically analyze the correlation between expenditure on R & D and the state of innovation level. The main question is to whether investing heavily on R & D activities really makes a company to be very innovative or whether it is worth it. Alongside this, the paper also examines other elements
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