Innovation at International Food Essay

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Abstract This paper provides a written analysis of the Innovation at International Foods (IFG) case study. The paper will provide an analysis of the issues that Josh Novak, the new team manager at IFG is facing with the existing staff. Josh has come for Glow-Foods which was a smaller company that has been purchased by IFG. Josh was retained due to the innovative ideas that produced significant growth at Glow-Foods by reaching the younger market. It has now become his job at IFG to do the same. However, as Josh is becoming more acclimated to the way things are done at IFG, he and his team are being bogged down with processes and procedures that are in place. The team does not believe that will be able to do the job they were hired…show more content…
They need to communicate their ideas effectively while addressing the concerns of the others. Josh’s team is a group of young and enthusiastic people; they are very talented and can more than succeeded with the task at hand. However, they must take the concerns seriously and be prepared to address them. In order for Josh and his team to overcome the uncertainty, they must be clear with their objectives, they have to be easily understood by the rest of the team and the organization so that they will be perceived as being achievable. When Josh addressed the team and stated that they do not know the benefits, because they have not done this before (p. 233). They did not gain any support for the team, and their understanding of IFG’s strategy and vision may be questioned. Uncertainty with Change One of the issues that is prevalent, but not directly stated is the uncertainty with change. This is an issue with the existing staff and the new staff as well. Josh comes from a smaller company where he had the ability to be innovative and brainstorm new ways to help Glow-Foods, he was able to implement quickly. At Glow-Foods they understood the power of social media tools and they took advantage of what they had to offer. However at IFG, they need permission to even access Instant Messaging (IM) or FaceBook (p. 232). Politics came into play as the team did not understand the protocol and did speak
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